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    MyEzPrize Beta Launch



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    MyEzPrize Beta Launch

    Post by MyEzPrize on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:56 pm

    Hello Everyone!

    We're here to tell you about our New Beta website! Earn cash, gifts, and any prize!
    Including Instant Amazon, and any requests are processed daily.
    The MyEzPrize project started back in December 2009 and is still in projects!
    We plan to release the website Beta in early May of 2010.

    Here's some key-points of why you will like MyEzPrize:
    - 5+ ways to earn points!
    - Great offers, great support, awesome community!
    - Get paid points just for talking with friends using our Social Networking side!
    - Customizable profiles with themes and more!
    - Games, Forums, contests and more!

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