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    WTS Custom Banners - Static + Dynamic + Animated


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    WTS Custom Banners - Static + Dynamic + Animated

    Post by SLEEPAH on Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:01 pm

    -GPSHacks - Does Coding
    -SLEEPAH - Does Designs

    We work as a Team -Doing Banners, sites and dynamic graphic elements :XD:

    Custom Banners
    -Send SLEEPAH or GPSHacks details of what you want Created or just post them in here if you feel like it
    Currently Accepting Requests for

    Static + Dynamic + Animated/Gif Banners

    $5 per Static Banner
    $7.50 per Dynamic Banner
    $10.00 Animated Banner
    Deal: Buy “2”Animated Banners for $16

    Recently made Banners

    Dynamic Banner Design

    Static Banner Design

    Example of Animated Gif Banner


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